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Haystack 1.2.4 & 2.0.0-alpha

Posted on 2011/06/23 by Daniel

Haystack has seen many releases since I last updated the site. The 1.1.X series had several releases, Haystack 1.2 was released, the 1.2.X series has had several releases & I've started work on 2.0.0-alpha.

The Haystack 1.2.X release was mostly bugfixes but newly included n-gram support & Whoosh 1.8.X support. You can find more details on the mailing list.

Meanwhile, work on 2.0.0-alpha has hit master, including the long-awaited addition of multiple index support. Similar to Django's multidb support, this will allow you to talk to multiple search engines at the same time. Things like master-slave setups, a separate engine for autocomplete or split public-facing/admin-only search are now trivial. When 2.0 lands, it'll be backward-incompatible, as I'm also cleaning up other aspects of the API.

Sprinting to 1.1-final

Posted on 2010/11/16 by Daniel

Though this site has sat out of date, there has been a lot of work put into Haystack 1.1. As of writing, there are eight issues blocking the release. I aim to have those down to zero by the end of the week.

Once those eight are done, I will be releasing 1.1-final. The RC process really didn't do much last time and this release has been a long time in coming. This release will feature:

  • Vastly improved faceting
  • Whoosh 1.X support!
  • Document & field boost support
  • Some admin integration
  • As well as several more features and a large number of bug fixes

Looking forward, the goal for future releases is to have much shorter cycle (one release every couple months) and have fewer major features land between them. 1.1 tried to be too much and the timeline suffered as a result.

Haystack 1.0-final!

Posted on 2009/11/30 by Daniel

Haystack 1.0 has finally been released! It is available on PyPi and GitHub for downloading. You can also now install it via pip install django-haystack. You can read the announcement here.

Sprinting to 1.0-final

Posted on 2009/11/17 by Daniel

Haystack has made a lot of progress over the this year and there are very few blockers left before 1.0-final status. I am doing a series of mini sprints over the course of the next week in an effort to clear out all blockers.

If things go as planned, there should be no 1.0-final tickets remaining in the queue by the weekend. I'll then put together an 1.0-rc1 release for testing. If no show-stoppers arise, a week later, I will release 1.0-final. It's been a long time in coming and I'm anxious to put the finishing touches on.

Whoosh Support

Posted on 2009/04/02 by Daniel

Haystack now features a new backend: Whoosh! This is excellent news, as it's both a great way to get up and running with Haystack (as Whoosh is pure Python, easy to install and no extra servers are needed) as well as a proof-of-concept that Haystack can work (and work well) with other backends.

You'll need to patch Whoosh (patch included) in order for everything to work correctly. We're contributing the patch back to Whoosh proper and hope it (or something like it) will be merged in shortly.

Site Launch

Posted on 2009/03/02 by Daniel

The new Haystack site has been launched. It will serve as the primary place to check the documentation as well as screencasts. More to come soon, especially in the form of additional documentation.